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on April 25, 2010

Are you getting enough protein every day?

If you think that protein is going to make you gain weight, and you’re staying away because of it, think again.

Protein helps to maintain and rebuild muscle after a work out and during daily life.

Protein should be eaten with every meal, in an amount that is right for your particular weight. It is recommended to get approximately 8gm/kilogram of body weight, according to the text Anatomy and Physiology, by Seeley, Stephens and Tate.

Recommended protein amounts according to the CDC are:

Women ages 19 – 70: 46 grams per day
Men ages 19 – 70: 56 grams per day

Protein can be found in other sources than meat if you prefer, but make sure to get good, lean sources that don’t have an abundance of fat included.

Options such as chicken breast, ground turkey, all types of fish, legumes and beans are all great choices.

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2 responses to “Protein

  1. If you are on a consistent weight training program you should be eating about a gram of protein per pound of body weight. For many this means going much higher. I try to get between 150 -170 grams of protein.

    • aerobixqueen says:

      Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your feedback.

      As I stated on my posting, the amount of protein you need does vary by weight, and the amounts given were a suggestion for healthy eating for adults in those categories.

      According to the text Anatomy and Physiology by Seeley, Tate and Stephens, the recommended amounts of protein for healthy adult is 0.8 grams/kilogram of body weight. One kilogram is 2.2 pounds.

      They go on to give an example in chapter twenty five, stating “For a 70 kg male (154 pounds) it is 56 grams per day.

      An article on the Harvard University website concurs:

      Eating too much protein is as detrimental as not eating enough. Like any macronutrient, your body will store too much as fat and you’ll be starting from scratch all over again.

      Thanks again for your posting and good luck in your fitness journey.


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