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Sugar is Important for Weight Loss!

on December 1, 2010

Did I get your attention?

Sugar is in a lot of the food you eat every day, any type of starchy or carb-rich food you eat is made up of some type of sugar; it’s the type of sugar you eat that really affects your weight though.

You may have heard that it’s important to stay away from simple sugars, and to get more complex carbohydrates instead. What you don’t want to do is stay away from any type of carbohydrate completely, as your body REALLY needs them to function properly.

To really understand what types of sugars you are getting when you eat certain foods, there is a handy chart called the GI or Glycemic Index chart of foods. This chart shows you in number value the GI value of the food you’re eating.

The higher the number, the faster your body will secrete insulin (the fat storage hormone). The lower the number, the longer it takes for your body to do the same.

Here are some of those charts for your perusal:


So the next time you reach for a candy or something really high in simple sugars, remember that your body is going to react quickly to those sugars and take care of them for you.

Happy Wednesday!


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