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Get the Skinny on Fat

Sample Foods High in Fat

Food: McDonalds’ Big Mac

McDonald’s Large


Spaghetti Factory Chicken Marsala
Fat amount in grams 29 27% 53
Percent Daily Fat 45% 42% 82%
Saturated Fat in grams 10 3.5 23



Better Choices:

Food: McDonalds’ Grilled

Chicken Sandwich

McDonald’s Small


Spaghetti Factory Spaghetti  w/meat sauce
Fat amount in grams 11 11 9
Percent Daily Fat 17% 17% 13%
Saturated Fat in grams 2 1.5 5



You need a maximum 30% of your diet from fat.

To find out how much fat you’re taking in, you may need to do a little math!

1 gram of fat = 9 calories

Find out how many grams of fat are in the food, and multiply it by 9 to figure out the calories.

30% of your calories should come from healthy fats.


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You Might be Skinny…But Are You Really Fat?

Body fat is not always something that is obvious; someone can look quite slim, but when they are tested, their body fat is higher than is optimal for their age and gender.

High body fat can lead to many health problems, like high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes,  heart disease, and  increased types of cancer.

Here is a link on ways to test your body fat:


Canadian Guidelines for healthy body weight:

Learn more about obesity:


Your health is in your hands; make sure your body fat is in check so that you can stay healthy and happy, living a long and enjoyable life.


I am available to do body fat testing; with a portable device I can take it just about anywhere! Call me today to set up your body fat test: 604-318-6534




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Fiber, Friend to All!

Here is a very interesting and informative article on Fiber taken out of this month’s IDEA journal.



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Stop Crunching!


I’ve been reading up a lot lately on the research done by Dr. Stuart McGill of Waterloo University.

Dr. McGill is a Professor of Spine Biomechanics at the university, and has come up with some interesting findings regarding spines and certain types of abdominal exercises.

As a personal trainer and group fitness leader I find it very interesting when research comes out with an emphasis on NOT doing something because it could be damaging to your body. Of course as fitness professionals, we want to do good, not harm to our clients bodies!

Dr. McGill has very solid evidence backing up his statements about disc breakdown and herniation due to certain types of ab exercises.

Please watch his quick video on the top four exercises that you SHOULD be doing for proper core strength and great abs!



He also has a great book out which is available through his website: where you can also see other articles he has written.

It’s important to be skeptical when accepting new information on what is the proper way to exercise, but the science, in this case, just makes sense.


What do you think?

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Scales Are Not Your Friend!

Scales can be scary, right?

You step on, feeling pretty good about yourself overall, but sometimes you may step off feeling completely different.

How did a little device that simply gives you a number, make you feel so differently about yourself?

It’s important to remember that scales are there to give you some information about your WEIGHT, but not any information on your hip to waist ratio, or your overall body fat,  or how many inches you’ve lost around your hips in the last few months.

It’s so important to take other measurements as well as weight, when we embark on a fitness program.

Get your body fat tested, do some measurements around your arms, chest, waist and hips, and measure the waist to hip ratio. Yes, weigh yourself, but please don’t use that as your only measurement of success (or, sometimes failure).

Here is a quick article from that talks about this:


Remember, weight can fluctuate a few pounds from day to day; if you’re using weight as your only measure, make sure to check on that number for a few days in a row to make sure it’s accurate.


Happy Fitness !


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Local Eating and Buying

Are you trying to eat locally grown food? It sure feels good to know that what you bought didn’t travel thousands of miles to get to your stomach, doesn’t it?

There are so many local farmers around where we live here on the Lower Mainland.

My aunt has moved out to the Fraser Valley and has been growing all sorts of her own veggies, including a whole lot of garlic! Here is her blog to see how she’s doing and what she’s doing with all of her fresh produce:

Have a great night, and don’t forget to buy local!

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