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Scales Are Not Your Friend!

on March 9, 2011

Scales can be scary, right?

You step on, feeling pretty good about yourself overall, but sometimes you may step off feeling completely different.

How did a little device that simply gives you a number, make you feel so differently about yourself?

It’s important to remember that scales are there to give you some information about your WEIGHT, but not any information on your hip to waist ratio, or your overall body fat,  or how many inches you’ve lost around your hips in the last few months.

It’s so important to take other measurements as well as weight, when we embark on a fitness program.

Get your body fat tested, do some measurements around your arms, chest, waist and hips, and measure the waist to hip ratio. Yes, weigh yourself, but please don’t use that as your only measurement of success (or, sometimes failure).

Here is a quick article from that talks about this:


Remember, weight can fluctuate a few pounds from day to day; if you’re using weight as your only measure, make sure to check on that number for a few days in a row to make sure it’s accurate.


Happy Fitness !



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