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My latest article as published in Alive Magazine:


ABsense, Nicole Palacios, ACE.


30 days to a new you, Nicole Palacios

30 days to a new you, Nicole Palacios.

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Thirsty? What You Drink Could Make You Fat…

If you’re thirsty this summer, which I’m pretty sure you will be… think twice about what you choose to drink.

Some of your choices could add up to between 300 and 600 calories if you’re not careful, competing with an entire meal!

Check out this link for more info on choosing the best bang for your calorie buck:


Enjoy the heat!







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Diabetics and Exercise- a Win-Win

If you are diabetic, you probably know that exercise may help you to control your diabetes.

Many studies have been done to prove this fact, here is one for you now:

Exercise can help lower a diabetics glycated hemoglobin and thus decrease the amount of drugs they might have to take to lower it otherwise.

Here is another interesting article from Time magazine on exercise for diabetics:,8599,1662683,00.html



Type 2 Diabetes is highly prevalent in our society today, in fact, I have three family members just on one side who currently suffer from this disease.

Prevention is key when it comes to Type 2 Diabetes. Here are some ways to help prevent Type 2 Diabetes from happening to you:

  1. Lose some weight; get into a healthy range for your body frame
  2. Eat well most of the time
  3. Get regular exercise- both cardiovascular and resistance training (hire a personal trainer!)
I hope you are getting enough good food in your diet and exercising regularly. If you are not, and you would like some help getting on track, send me an email or call me today to set up a free consultation with Perfect Fit Personal Training. We specialize in weight loss for women. Perfect Fit Personal Training can help you lose unwanted pounds, decrease your body fat, and get you healthy.
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Hi Carb, Low Carb…GI Index?


The GI Index may be a foreign concept to you, but if you’re trying to lose weight, it can be a helpful tool. Here is a great resource from the Canadian Diabetes Website that really puts a lot of clarity to the GI Index:


Eating foods that raise your insulin levels too quickly can ultimately hurt you if you’re trying to lose weight.


Have more questions about losing weight? Give me  a call today for your free one on one fitness consultation: 604 318 6534. I am a professional personal trainer that can help you get to your goals faster than on your own.

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