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Fitness Shaker- Is This for Real?

I actually thought this was a joke…but this product is for real!

What do you think about this; would it actually work?

Check out this article from CBS news which shows my opinion:

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Toning Shoes, or Just Plain Shoes?

I heard about toning shoes a few years ago, and it sounded like a great idea. After reading about them in the ACE Fitness Journal a while back, however, I realized it was a sham. Now it’s all coming to light:

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HcG and Fat Loss?

What do you know about HcG besides that you need it to get a positive pregnancy test?

I have had clients asking me about this hormone, and if it can, indeed, help them lose fat a little easier.

Here is a study that shows hcg does help, but it was done on participants who ate a Very Low Calorie Diet (500 calories)


The Mayo Clinic talks about the hcg program, but does not seem to think that it works on it’s own, it’s the low calorie diet that is doing the trick.

WebMD doesn’t much like the hcg program either. Really, eating so few calories per day can lead to weight loss, but on what terms?


A quick fix would be great, right? However, it will take time, focus, determination and motivation to get you to your goals.





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Good Bye Baby Fat!


New mother alert!

Did you notice a significant change in your body weight and composition after having a baby? Get in line…most new moms are pretty surprised at the changes in their bodies following pregnancy.

Stretch marks, loose skin, muffin top, cellulite; you name it and as a new mom you are probably experiencing it. Of course, some things we can’t change, they are changes to stay. Badges of honor if you will.

Other things, however, like extra body fat and higher weight are things that we can do our best to change.

Losing extra fat and weight is not just for looks; being in the best shape you can be does wonders for your self esteem and self worth as well. Being in shape helps you sleep better (when you can of course!), enables you to run around after your kids, and gives you more energy than if you were out of shape.

So how you can  you get back on the path to looking your must yummy now that you’re a mummy? Here are my top four things for you mummies out there to lose fat, lose pounds, and get  back into your old clothes.

  1. Get puffing!
    Cardiovascular exercise like jogging, swimming, aerobics and even walking are the best way to burn calories, fast! Get moving 3-4 times per week or more if you can. Keep your heart rate elevated for at least 20-30 minutes, more if you can. The harder you go, the faster you’ll burn your target calorie count. Longer is not always better…it’s quality that counts as well.
  2. Pump some iron!
    Weight bearing exercises like push ups, squats and lunges are all essential to get your muscles back into tip-top shape. These are also great since you can do them at home whenever you get the chance.
    Do you have a gym? Try doing a circuit of 8-10 exercises for all the major muscle groups. Do some weight bearing exercises 2-3 times per week, 2 sets of 15.
  3. Eat a little, but do it a lot!
    The way you eat will dictate your weight more than you might think. Small meals throughout the day help to keep your blood sugar stable and feed your muscles. Keeping your energy up is also important so you can stay happy throughout the day. Stick to lean proteins, complex carbs, leafy and colorful veggies, and high fibre fruits.
  4. Stay hydrated.
    If you are not drinking enough water and low calorie fluids throughout the day, you may start to much more than you need. Dehydration can be tricky…it can make you think you’re hungry. Also, drinking water before you eat can assist you in filling up and then eating less at your meal.
Losing weight and unwanted body fat after a baby can seem daunting, but it will happen! Stick with the basics and do your best to pick good foods, drink a lot of water, get in some regular cardio and engage in weight bearing exercises.
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Get into Your Skinny Jeans!

Your butt and thighs may have grown over the years, and your favorite pair of jeans no longer fit the way they should. In order to get your rear end and legs back into shape and firm as ever a new workout regime and some well thought out eating could be just the answer. Spot reduction is not possible, unfortunately, but with enough cardio, strength training and good eating, you should be able to fit back into those jeans in no time.

Resistance Training   

Resistance training is integral in firming up your butt and legs.

One part of getting a firm butt and legs is resistance training. Try to do 2 sets of 15-20 of each exercise listed below.

One Legged Bridge– Place your exercise mat on the floor, and lie down on your back. With bent knees, cross one leg over the other and slowly lift your butt off the floor. Lift up and down on one side, then repeat on the other side.

Step ups- using your step or stairs, step with one leg at a time up on the step. Use hand weights if you’d like more intensity. Step up on one side for 20 repetitions, then switch sides.

Leg lifts– Lying on your side with your ankle weights on, stack your legs on top of each other, keeping your bottom knee slightly bent. Relax your head on your outstretched arm. Lift your top leg up slowly, then bring it back down. Repeat on one leg then switch legs.

Plies– stand with your legs wider than hip width and turn your toes out. Standing tall, sit straight down and squeeze your thighs together as you stand up. Add hand weights for intensity.

Squats– standing tall with your feet hip width apart, sit back as if you were going to sit in a chair. Keep your chest and head lifted and lead with your buttocks. Slowly rise up. Repeat.

Step 2

Eating well will help you firm up all over.

Eating Properly.  

Eating a well rounded, small meal at regular intervals throughout the day. Try include whole grains, lean proteins and legumes, and plenty of veggies and fruit. Dieting can actually be hazordous to your weight loss, according to an article in the Globe and Mail newspaper. If you try to exercise and you’ve been starving yourself, you will not have the energy to get much done.

Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Step 3

Stick to Your Plan. 

Get into those skinny jeans! Make a plan and stick to it. Plan your workouts for each day and grab a partner to make it go by faster. Write down your goals and keep them visible for yourself throughout the day. Keep them visible to others as well so they can help you stay on track when you start to stray.

  • Globe and Mail 
  • []
Things You’ll Need
  • Ankle weights
    Exercise mat
  • Moderately Easy
  • Don’t get discouraged if you fail once in a while. That doesn’t mean you should throw your healthy eating out the window forever. A slip up is ok!
  • When doing squats, don’t let your knees go past your toes.If you have any low back pain on the one-legged bridge, you can place your hands under your hips to take some of the weight off your back.
To get yourself back on the path to fitness, give us a call today for a FREE consultation! We can make a reasonable plan to get you back into YOUR skinny jeans in the next few weeks.
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An Interesting Tidbit on Insulin

Here is a blurb that I found very interesting from “The Journal of Clinical Investigation”.

Obesity is a well-described epidemic in Westernized cultures. In the United States alone, it is estimated that approximately 66% of all adults are overweight and approximately 32% are obese (1). With obesity comes a variety of adverse health outcomes, such as high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes (23). Insulin resistance is defined as an inadequate response by insulin target tissues, such as skeletal muscle, liver, and adipose tissue, to the physiologic effects of circulating insulin. The hallmarks of impaired insulin sensitivity in these three tissues are decreased insulin-stimulated glucose uptake into skeletal muscle, impaired insulin-mediated inhibition of hepatic glucose production in liver, and a reduced ability of insulin to inhibit lipolysis in adipose tissue. In fact, insulin resistance is a major predictor for the development of various metabolic sequelae, including type 2 diabetes (4), and is a defining feature of syndrome X, which is also known as the metabolic syndrome (3). This syndrome encompasses a constellation of conditions, including insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and obesity, and is often accompanied by hyperinsulinemia, sleep apnea, and other disorders (3).

In type 2 diabetes, it has been widely established that insulin resistance precedes the development of overt hyperglycemia (5). The causes of insulin resistance can be genetic and/or acquired. Genetic causes or predispositions toward insulin resistance in prediabetic populations are poorly understood from a mechanistic point of view, although lean, insulin-resistant, prediabetic individuals (e.g., nondiabetic offspring of 2 diabetic parents) can display defects in oxidative metabolism (6). In addition, inherited defects in the basic insulin signaling cascade have been proposed (7). Nonetheless, it is likely that any genetic component must interact with environmental factors in order for insulin resistance to develop into a pathophysiologically meaningful abnormality. In Western cultures, the most common acquired factors causing insulin resistance are obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and aging, all of which are interrelated (238). In the presence of a robust compensatory insulin secretory response to insulin resistance, glucose levels can remain relatively normal. However, when insulin-producing pancreatic β cells can no longer compensate for the decreased tissue insulin sensitivity, glucose homeostasis deteriorates and impaired glucose tolerance and eventually frank type 2 diabetes develop (5).

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Oats; Not Just for Breakfast!


Mmmm, oatmeal in the morning. Cinnamon, nutmeg, a little brown sugar. Sounds like a great breakfast to me!

Oats, however, are more than just a breakfast food. They are great in a variety of ways.

You can  make an oat scrub for your face and take care of exfoliating with a home made scrub.

You can also make an oat mask for better skin.

Oats are even a bathtime favorite! You can add whole oats with some honey to your bath to enjoy softer skin and even help with dry, cracking skin or eczema.

Here  is a recipe for a healthy oat bread:

Enjoy your oats! They will fill you up and give you the soluble and insoluble fiber you need, as well as antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

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