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Breast Cancer in Women Under Age 40

Breast Cancer in Women Under age 40 may not be talked about enough, but here is some information on Breast Cancer in Women Under age 40: Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among American women, and the leading cause of death for women ages 40 – 59. Early detection is key to helping women survive. In fact, according to Cleveland Clinic “More than 90 percent of women whose breast cancer is found in an early stage will survive.” [i]

5 percent of all breast cancer cases occur in women under 40 years old, [i] and when it does it’s often harder to detect and more aggressive [ii] than in older women. Assuming that breast cancer only occurs in older women, younger women often ignore the warning signs and delay treatment. By being proactive and adhering to the following tips women of all ages can reduce their risks, and increase the odds of early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment. Breast Cancer Prevention Tips · High Risk Factors in young women § Family history – If someone in your family has had breast cancer § Genetic Mutation – A certain gene is linked to breast cancer risk (BRCA1, BRCA2) § Radiation Therapy – Too much exposure to radiation can increase risk · Starts with healthy habits[iii] o Limit alcohol intake – have no more than one drink a day o Stay active to help maintain a healthy weight – obesity increases your risk of developing breast cancer, especially after menopause o Breast Feed – The longer you breast feed the less likely you are to develop breast cancer, because breast feeding balances hormones, lowering levels of some cancer related hormones. o Quit smoking · Other risks[iv] o Menstrual Cycle § Early menstruation – Females that start menstruation at 11 or younger are at a higher risk § Late menopause – The longer a woman menstruates the longer her breasts are exposed to estrogen § Late pregnancy or never getting pregnant –During pregnancy your estrogen levels are much lower · It is important to have screenings o Start having regular mammograms at 40 years of age (the standard is 50, but EHE recommends 40 years old) o Women in their 20s and 30s should have a clinical breast exam every 3 years o Breast self exam – know how your breasts look and feel normally so if you detect any changes such as lumps or discolorations you can consult a doctor [v] o MRI – Recommended if… § High inherited risk – could be a better way to find tissue and tumors than a mammogram No Matter what age, if your family history puts you at high risk, or you find signs of breast cancer, you should seek advice from your doctor about screenings and possible treatment. This information was brought to you through Perfect Fit Personal Training by: EHE International’s Advisory Board, the Life Extension Research Institute (LERI)EHE is the oldest preventive care company in the US, dedicated to proactive management of health.

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Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Article

As April is Daffodil Month here in BC, it is appropriate to have an article relating to cancer here on Perfect Fit’s blog.

I was lucky enough to get a great article submitted to me from David Haas of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.

Here is his article, hope you enjoy it!


Get Fitness in the Fight Against Cancer

Cancer is a diagnoses no woman wants to be faced with, nevertheless, many are. It is not something a woman can run from; instead, she must deal with it. The woman who has just completed the first of many scheduled treatments for mesothelioma may have legitimate fears about her future, but that doesn’t mean she has to put her focus there. Her focus should be on becoming as physically fit as she can, in order to help her heal in addition to feel better about herself in general.

Fitness can certainly be helpful to a woman who has waged a war against the cancer threatening her body. The following are three things a woman who is going to treatments for mesothelioma, skin or any other cancer can look forward to as potential benefits:

Endorphins Released

There is a reason that exercise is shown to reduce depression; it helps to keep those “feel good” chemicals flowing through the brain. Because a cancer diagnosis can be stressful and leads to depression in some women, the mental benefit exercise provides is an added bonus. This euphoric feeling experienced by those who exercise is just what a woman dealing with a cancer diagnosis needs to help naturally boost her mood.

Makes You Stronger

Exercise builds strong bones and muscles; it will essentially help a woman to remain strong in the face of a disease that is attacking her body. Putting an emphasis on fitness will help a woman get on the other side and participate in the tug of war cancer is attempting to play with her health.

Helps To Focus The Mind

They always say, “what you focus on is what will grow” and it is a saying that very often rings true. This is why it behooves a woman to think about where she wants to go rather than where she doesn’t want to go in terms of her health. When she focuses on keeping her body fit and strong, she is investing her mental energy toward fulfillment of this goal.

A Prescription She Can Fill
The power to control what she does with her body when she isn’t at another one of her treatments for mesothelioma will be up to her. The prescribed treatment will come from her doctors and will more than likely take place on their turf (i.e. hospital or doctor’s office); but there is treatment that a doctor can prescribe which has nothing to do with hospitals or 24-hour pharmacies.

A physician will prescribe physical fitness for women who are attending treatments for mesothelioma and an abundance of other types of cancer for a single reason, it helps. When a woman is embroiled in a battle with a disease for which there is no cure and therefore no guarantees, she must give it everything she’s got to win the war with cancer.

Eating good, nutritionally sound food, which nourishes the body along fitting in time to get the body moving so it becomes stronger, is a weapon against cancer. A woman who makes personal fitness a priority in her life, particularly when dealing with cancer, can only help tip the scales in her favor as it relates to her physical and mental health.

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Stay Fit and Reduce Your Risk

So says an article in USA Today:



Exercise is the wonder drug; the more you do, the healthier you should be.

Take your drug everyday and watch it do wonders!


For more information on getting back on track following breast cancer, please contact me to schedule a free consultation.






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Mammography is ‘terribly imperfect,’ though recommended

Check this out; an article from USA Today.

Another interesting article about bone loss and osteoporosis related to cancer drugs:

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