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Tabata Training; What the Heck is That?

Hello to you all!

I just taught my first “Tabata” class today. It was so much fun!

Tabata is a very old style of interval training designed in Japan. However, it has recently become very popular and is invading the fitness clubs.

Basically, you do a 20 second interval, 10 second rest of one exercise, then do the same with 3 more exercises, then repeat those 4 exercise 8 times.

I chose some exercises like: squats, side to side hops, push ups and sit ups as a group of four. In four minutes (your 8 cycles of 4 exercises), you will feel like you’ve had a really good workout. Just four minutes! It’s nuts.

Here is a link to learn more about it:

You can do it at home, but you need to pay attention to your intervals; get a stopwatch.

It’s always great to try something new with your workouts. Shock your body!

Have a great, healthy day!


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Go Nuts!

Are you shying away from nuts because you think they are too high in fat and calories?

It’s true that they are high in fat, but almost all are high in the GOOD fats. High in calories? Yes, but also high in a multitude of other beneficial minerals like selenium. Eat  a little, gain a lot of health benefits.

Check out this article from the Harvard Medical School:

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How Many Calories are You Burning?

The burning question of the day is…how many calories are you burning doing X?

Weight lifting, rowing machine, elliptical…yardwork, office work, house cleaning…if you’re moving your body in some way, you are burning extra calories on top of what it takes for you simply to exist.

I found this awesome site that has almost every activity you can think of (applying makeup!) to figure out your calorie burn.

Check it out and find out where you’re at. Are you surprised?


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