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Your Weight Does Not Tell the Whole Story!

Your scale gives you a number, you feel a certain way.

A lower number? You probably feel pretty good. Your mood just changed for the better; it’s going to be a good day!

A higher number? You may feel disheartened, you wasted your time dieting/exercising, you feel discouraged.

Your number on the scale does not tell the whole story, however.

What is your body fat percentage? Do you have a lot of muscle? Are you tightening up and toning more than you were two months ago?

You need to look at the big picture when it comes to your weight and body composition. The way your clothes look tell the tale better than a generic number on the scale.

I found this photo on line and it really speaks to this:


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Emotional Eating, Anyone?

If you’re like most people out there, you eat to celebrate, to wallow, to enjoy, to mourn…the list goes on. Food and emotions often go hand in hand.

If you’re having trouble keeping food out of your emotional reaction to a situation, here is a quick article from one of my favorite sites,

Food and emotion should be separate entities, but they sometimes collide.

Next time you reach for the chocolate when you’re bored, remember that there are other ways to cure your boredom that don’t involve empty (but tasty 🙂 calories.

Good luck on your path to health!

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How Many Calories are You Burning?

The burning question of the day is…how many calories are you burning doing X?

Weight lifting, rowing machine, elliptical…yardwork, office work, house cleaning…if you’re moving your body in some way, you are burning extra calories on top of what it takes for you simply to exist.

I found this awesome site that has almost every activity you can think of (applying makeup!) to figure out your calorie burn.

Check it out and find out where you’re at. Are you surprised?


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Awesome Back Exercise!

This is a great exercise that I use in my core class and with personal training clients to help strengthen your Quadratus Lumborum (QL) muscle in your back.

This muscle is essential in gaining a strong, functional back.

Here is a link to the muscle itself:


Here is the exercise:



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Post Natal Ladies, Get Your Abs Back!


After you have a baby, you may be shocked to see what your belly looks like; almost like a bowl of jelly in some cases!

Post natal exercise is essential in helping you get your body back, but you need to be careful of the things you do, and when you do them.

Women who suffer from a condition called rectus diastasis need to consult their doctor or health care professional before embarking on abdominal exercises. When the rectus abdominus (six pack muscle) becomes separated at the fascia, it leaves your belly looking a little strange. You may have a shelf, and you can probably see some bulging or other movement in your abs when you try to do a crunch.

Following childbirth, women who have a diastasis can actually stop the healing process by doing crunches, so it’s important to know what kinds of ab exercises are safe and effective for you at this time.

Not sure if you have a diastasis or not? Check out an article on this physio website:

Take home message: it’s possible to get some closure back in your gap, but you must be careful what you do, that you don’t do it too soon, and that you learn how to re-engage your core correctly.

Seeing  a physio that specializes in this condition soon after the birth can be very helpful.

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Are You Still Doing Crunches?

If you’re still doing crunches on the floor, you may be doing damage to your spine, so says top Canadian back researcher, Stuart McGill.

Here, see a video on some safe and more effective alternatives.

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It’s Been Two Weeks, How Are Your Resolutions Doing?

If you’re like most people, you made your resolutions on January 1st, and by the 3rd or 4th, they were mostly forgotten. Now, by the 14th, they may seem like a distant memory.

Here are a few tips on how to stay motivated, and stick with your health and fitness resolutions for now, and the greater future:

  1. Stay away from bad influences: do certain stores make you want to buy unhealthy foods? Stop shopping there. Do certain foods or drinks make you want to drink more alcohol than you would normally? Try to stay away from those foods and drinks. Are there people in your life that always want you to do unhealthy things with them like eating fatty foods and vegetating? Try to find other people who have a more positive influence on your lifestyle.
  2. Put up photos all over your house of how you want to look. You can get photos of yourself looking your best, or perhaps pick some pictures from magazines of people who have the same body type as you and use them to motivate you. Everytime you see the photos, you will be reminded of how you want to look, and think of what you need to do to get to that place.
  3. Clean up your life: empty your fridge of garbage food, empty your cupboards of high fat/calorie laden snacks. Check through your wardrobe and get rid of “fat” clothes that you’re saving…you don’t need them. Keep your life tidy and uncluttered and you will find yourself doing it it all areas including your diet.


Good luck keeping your resolutions on the forefront of your mind.

Don’t give up!


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When Your Body Changes…Take Control!

If you’re a woman in her mid to late 40’s or early 50’s, you may have noticed some changes starting to happen. Maybe it feels like a variety of symptoms like mood swings or hot flashes. Weight gain, appetite changes and lack of energy are some of the symptoms as well, and its those ones that can make you start to feel like your body is taking over and making you feel like you’re out of control.

When it comes to your weight, menopause can wreak havoc. With hormones running amok, you are no longer on an even keel when it comes to your hunger and your satiety.

That’s why it’s so important to either start, or maintain a regular exercise program when you’re going through menopause. This can last for years, so taking a break from exercise now because you don’t feel like it, can have detrimental effects on your health, not to mention your self esteem.

Perfect Fit Personal Training works with women who are in the early or late stages of menopause on a daily basis. Our trainer is well versed in training women who are experiencing hormonal changes, weight gain and hot flashes due to menopause.

If you are a woman going through menopause, or know someone that is and could benefit from the assistance of a personal trainer, please email me or call now at (604) 318-6534 to schedule your FREE consultation and initial training session.

Get back the control and start getting your body back today!

Call Perfect Fit Personal Training now.


Here is another link to an article about why quinoa can help with menopausal symptoms.


Better Ways to Eat Healthy

Check out this article from Fitness Magazine.

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Improve Your Golf Game

Improve your swing, your stance, your posture…all by working out with a professional personal trainer.

Perfect Fit Personal Training in North Vancouver, BC can help you achieve a better golf game by getting you fit and strong from head to toe.

Perfect Fit Personal Training is experienced in getting people of all shapes and sizes in the best shape of their lives, golfers included.

Check out our article in Alive magazine on getting Golf Ready.

Hiring a personal trainer to get golf ready is a great decision, so don’t wait, email us now at

to set up a free consultation.

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