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Review Me! Bel Air Bodies

Hello out there in Blog Land,

I have just self-published my novel, Bel Air Bodies,  and put it on for Kindle distribution.

I would love your opinion! You can read the first chapter here.

Thanks for your support.

Buy my book here! Bel Air Bodies



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ABC’s of Exercise

Here’s a fun little exercise that you can help me out with. I want to make a full alphabet with fitness/health related statements attached. Here is what I have so far:


A thlete: there is one in all of us waiting to come out.

B urpees:a favourite intense exercise for the total body.

C ardiovascular exercise: get 30 minutes every day.

D etermination: without it you will fail.

E nergy: increase yours by exercising regularly.

I would love your input! Please help me finish this ABC’s of exercise.

Best suggestions will get mentioned on twitter or wherever you would like your name promoted.

Thanks for your help!

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Coconut Oil: Good or Bad for You?

Have you heard that coconut oil is bad for you? Have you been avoiding all saturated fats thinking that they are evil and will raise your cholesterol?

I felt the same way for a long time, but lately research has been coming out saying somewhat the opposite. Some saturated fats actually have beneficial health properties that can INCREASE your high density lipoproteins (HDL); or the GOOD fat.

Here is a great article from ACE on this very subject:

Coconut Oil- Good or Bad?

Have you tried coconut oil? What are your favorite ways to use it?

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Oats: More than a Breakfast Food!

Hello there,

Please check out this article I wrote in the Dollar Stretcher on the benefits of oats:

Lots of great info; hopefully you’ll find out something new about oats, or how to use oats in a new way.

What do you eat for breakfast?

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Hip strengthening exercises from

Hip strengthening exercises from


Check out this article on some easy to do, at home exercises for strengthening your hips.

You may think you have knee problems and not even know that it’s actually your hips that are in trouble.

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Four Minute Workout!

Get in a quick workout before or after work; combine it with cardio and abs and you’re good to go.

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Sunny Sunday

Hello all,


What a gorgeous day here in Vancouver today!

Sunshine really encourages and motivates us to get off our behinds and get something done.

Get outside and enjoy the extra vitamin D; the sunshine vitamin. Do some yardwork, go for a walk or bike ride, or just get moving outdoors today.

A half hour walk can be invigorating even if you are not moving really fast. You can make it a social occasion by inviting a friend.

Whatever you do, try to be active every day. The more you do, the more normal it will feel to be active regularly.


Happy Sunday!

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Paleo Pizza; It’s What’s for Dinner!

Paleo or Primal eating; it’s getting a lot of attention lately. Have you heard of it?

Basically, if a caveman could eat it, it’s fine for the Paleo Diet.

Tonight I decided to try out this recipe from Paleo Works. Basically, there is not a flour crust, but a MEAT crust! It sounded different, but I was ready for a change.

Made it tonight, and it was delicious! I will post photos once they’re uploaded.

You leave the table feeling full, but not weighed down by flour and carbs.

Eating more fruits and veggies can only be a good thing. And if you’re trying to lose weight, the more roughage you eat, and the less simple carbs, the better your chances are to feel full and eat less junk.

Let me know what you think of the Paleo Pizza.



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THE GRID- Myofascial Release or Trigger Point Therapy

Have you tried foam rolling? Myofascial release on a ball or foam roller?

I discovered a great resource for myofascial release about a year ago; it’s called “The Grid”. It’s a great design with varying levels of intensity depending on where you roll.

The Grid is like a foam roller, but it is much more intense, getting deep into trigger points like no other device. I especially love rolling over the hips and gluteals. You can roll on it for a while, or simply sit still on a trigger point until it releases.

You can find the grid on line, or in some local fitness stores like Twist Conditioning here in North Vancouver.

I purchased the grid to use with clients, and they really love it.


Here is a quick video on using the grid for hip and gluteus medius: 

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