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Paleo Meals for a Week

From a great blog I follow called Paleo Works:


Paleo Meals for a Week.

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Hi Carb, Low Carb…GI Index?


The GI Index may be a foreign concept to you, but if you’re trying to lose weight, it can be a helpful tool. Here is a great resource from the Canadian Diabetes Website that really puts a lot of clarity to the GI Index:


Eating foods that raise your insulin levels too quickly can ultimately hurt you if you’re trying to lose weight.


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Sweet or Regular; Which Potato is Better For You?

I have had clients ask me about eating potatoes versus sweet potatoes, and what the difference was health wise.

I always say that you can never go wrong with eating  your veggies, but all veggies are not created equally.

Potatoes are enjoyable as roasted, mashed, fried, and baked; skin on, skin off…they are great and tasty in many forms. However, they have a GI (glycemic index) value of between 56-111 (depending on the potato), which is at the top of the chart. For more info on the Glycemic Index:


Sweet potatoes, on the other hand are in the medium category on the GI, and have a host of other benefits such as antioxidants and high fiber content. For more info on sweet potatoes, check out this site:

As with all carbohydrate rich foods, you should take care to eat only what your body needs, and keep your plate mostly loaded with high fiber, colorful veggies with low caloric values, such as spinach,  green leaf lettuce, and celery. For more lo-carb veggie options, check out this link:

That’s all for now; remember to eat well most of the time to enjoy the benefits of your workout program. If you work out hard but eat a ton of junk, you may still remain at the same weight and not look any differently.

One more interesting link on potatoes and their contents: